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On June 16, 2020, seven Yukoners filed a lawsuit against the Yukon Government. 

We are concerned that government decision-making during the pandemic is lacking in transparency, accountability and oversight.

We are concerned that the restrictions imposed by the government go further than what is necessary, and in doing so violate our Charter rights.

Above all else, what we hope to achieve by going to court is an opportunity to have a calm and rational discussion about COVID-19, the risks which it poses to the Yukon, and the appropriateness of the processes and measures adopted by government.  

Importantly, we have asked the Yukon government to provide us with the data and models which it has used in its decision-making process so that our experts can test and challenge it. If our government is committed to transparency, they should not have any issue providing us with this information.

While this case is concerned about the Yukon, it has the potential to set a precedent for all Canadian jurisdictions. We therefore welcome any support from Canadians concerned about the erosion of our democratic institutions and the protection of our Charter rights. 

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Open Discussion

The lack of compelling and/or current evidence put forward to the public as well as the absence of justification and accountability on the part of the government is a shameful hijacking of our democratic processes. To allow this to proceed unopposed sets a very dangerous precedent and is not in Yukoners best interest. 


The balance between reducing COVID-19 risk and negative impact on society profoundly impacts all aspects of life for everyone in Yukon as well as any other Canadian with reason to travel into the Territory. This means that it needs to be publicly discussed, and closely scrutinized under legislative review and re-evaluation. 


Protecting Democracy

The current situation is that the Liberal government has extended the emergency measures act without providing any justification,  acted unilaterally without legislative oversight and made decisions that override the Canadian Constitution based on the opinion of our single non-elected Chief Medical Officer. This is not acceptable in a democratic society. 

Why you should be concerned

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